Virus & Malware Removal

One of the most common types of services we provide is virus removal, malware removal, and adware type removals. The distinction between these things are not great, but to some extent, virus is the worst classification because it can do more actual harm. Malware and adware is usually intended to sell you fake anti virus programs or other software, and adware gives you ad popups that make someone out there money for each ad displayed. There are many different types of hijacks, and a myriad of ways these things infect the PC, but once you are infected, there is often no way to combat them as they disable your protection, or overwhelm it so that it cannot effectively clean itself of the problem. Most well written virus – malware – or adware will protect itself from removal, often times having helper infections to keep it resident in the system, and simply replicating itself when it is attempted to be removed. Often times a single infection will bring new infections and more malware as the machine continues to download and install more garbage on the machine as you use it, this is why the symptoms worsen over days and weeks as you use it. It unfortunately takes a LOT of practice to be good at removing these PC infections, and we are very experience in their demise, so you can be assured we will do it right, and your machine will be made right again. SNVPC offers same day (often times within 2 hours) service to the entire Las Vegas Valley for everything virus, malware, adware or grey area software issues. We are highly experience in the removal of these things and can bring your machine back to new condition. We not only clean the infections, but we clean and optimize the entire PC for speed, and of course do everything possible to prevent future infections. Call today for fast service, with guaranteed results, remember — your computer is fixed, or it’s free!