They are at it again, MANY clients are calling with concerns because they have been called by people claiming they are from Microsoft, or “The Windows Department”. They talk the people into letting them into their PC remotely and then proceed to show them the most useless nonsense technical “data” that shows 1000’s of hi-jacks, malware, viruses and other security problems that they suddenly have. Mind you 5 minutes before the call the computer was working just fine. They proceed to scare, badger, and harass the poor souls into such a state of panic, then the come on…”for only $199.00 we can clean up all these infections and hijacks from Russia”. PLEASE, do not let them remote into your computer, and do not pay their fees! Any computer that has been on the internet and used often without some sort of cleaning and protection will have it’s issues, but the things these people make up, basically amounts to extortion. If you have concerns about your computers protection and security, or suspect infections of virus and malware nature, let us help you, for far less of a fee, and by people who you can trust!