Southern Nevada Computer specializes in data recovery services in the North Las Vegas Valley. Has your hard drive crashed, blue screened, or simply will not boot up? Stuck at a black screen, with a blinking cursor, and have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach because the last time you backed up was in the 1990’s? Accidentally deleted a whole folder of pictures or documents that you really did not mean to? Call us first, data recovery is one of our specialties! Often we can recover your valuable data quickly and completely if the drive is still in good mechanical condition. Please note, in cases of accidental deletion or suspected hardware issues, STOP using the computer immediately and shut it down, or if it is an external disk or card, remove it from service right away to preserve the data on the disk, every second counts. That clicking noise you hear? It’s doing damage to the hard disk. Once data is overwritten, or the mechanical damage is too great, the data is often gone forever, and the only fix is forensic data recovery (EXPENSIVE). SNVPC offers same day (often times within 3 hours) service to the entire Las Vegas Valley, including all areas of North Las Vegas. Please note, for data recovery issues, we have a minimum trip charge of $20.00, and our “if we don’t fix it, you do not pay” policy is technically in effect, for data recovery, there is some time in diagnosic required to even determine if the data is recoverable. Essentially, we are betting that we can succeed, but if you really have damage or have overwritten the data, it’s time consuming to determine this, and we have a minimum trip charge to cover what amounts to gas money. If your data is in more dire circumstances, we then can give you other options, and expert advice. Call today for fast data recovery service to your home or business.