Be Leery of Scam Calls!


Always be on the lookout for potential scams and scammers. One such scam technique that is becoming incredibly popular is phone calls from individuals claiming to be employees of companies such as Microsoft or Amazon. These scammers will try and tell you things, such as you’re owed a refund of some sort, and will ask you to give them access to your computer. If allowed access, there are a plethora of nasty things they can choose to do, not the least of which includes stealing passwords and bank account information.

Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and other big companies will never call you unprompted, and will never try and gain access to your computer. If you get a call from someone claiming to be from one of these large companies or businesses, and they’re trying to gain access to your computer, hang up the phone immediately–they’re not even worth wasting a single breath over. 

If you received one of these calls and allowed the person on the phone access to your computer, shut down your PC immediately and call SNVPC. We will make sure that they no longer are able to access your computer, and will even help you change all your passwords in the event that any of them were compromised.